Technical & Professional Communication
Friday, April 30, 2004
one week left. We are hitting the home stretch. Has any one asked yet about portfolio's we are suppose to turn in at the end of the semester??? I am just glad the semester is almost over. I have to admit my research has been real insightful and i will be able to use it towards my job. I just have to learn to quit prograstinating!!!

I'm sooooo happy for the last week of the semester! I have learned a great deal from writing the recommendation report. The process seems straight forward, but actually writing a clear argument was tough. I felt as though I needed to site a reference for each rhetorical statement. At least now I have more expertise on the topic I researched and good knowledge of the process to make things easier the next time around.

I don't know about anyone else, but I wish we had an extra day of peer review to get a better assessment of changes that need to be made to the paper. For this paper consisting of a large chunk of our grade, I wish we spent more time peer reviewing. I find peer review helpful because what usually makes sense to me totally confuses someone else. One person may have more backround knowledge on my topic too, so two peer reviews might hit a wider background of knowledge. This weekend will be busy with other subjects and with writing of the exec. summary, TOC, abstract and title page. Good luck to everyone working on the paper this weekend. Anyone know when BLOGS stop? Is this the last week since we have till Sunday to write and class is over next Friday? Thanks!

I have enjoyed listening to the oral reports given in class over the last couple of days. It is fun to see what other individuals are interested in as well as the different styles and approaches used for this assignment. In addition, i felt like the oral report opened my eyes to areas where my written report is not as strong. I'm glad i was able to go early in the week so i have enough time to make the necessary changes to my written report.

Thursday, April 29, 2004
We only have one more week of school! That is so exciting and crazy all at the same time! How are everyone’s papers coming together? Mine is coming along well. I have learned much more than I thought I was going to with this assignment, or group of assignments. Today I was looking on the Internet for some information to plug into one of the sections of my report and I came across reports, rather they were major market analyses for footwear, but it was great! They had abstracts and executive summaries. I can guarantee you that I probably would not have known what they were before this class. It is cool to see the knowledge I have gained being used already! Hope everyone had a great semester!

I have been having major issues with my oral report. I'm doing PowerPoint which I've used before, but I put in pictures I took with a digital camera. That made the file way too big so I couldn't get it to class - it wouldn't email and it was messed up when I wrote it to disk and brought it in. I figured I might have these issues so I'm really glad I signed up to give my oral very late in the semester. Yesterday I finally got the pictures shrunk down and inserted correctly into the slides so I think my problems are solved - finally!! The most frustrating thing was knowing that this project is only 5% of my grade and I was spending far too much time on it. Oh well, only one more week of classes!!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Everyone has done really well with their oral presenatations. I hope mine is just as good. I have to give my presentation next week and I still have to do some work yet. Its been interesting to listen to the variety of presentations people have been giving. They're all different in presentating as well as the topic being described. Have a great day! The weather is finally nice.

I cannot express enough how thankful I am that my recommendation report is complete. All I have left is the executive summary and front and back matter, which are almost complete. In fact, I was so happy, yesterday I did not know what to do with myself. I worked on my presentation for a little while, then sat and watched a movie, which I haven't done in a really long time.
I can definitley agree with everyone else that the peer review session on monday was very helpful. Well, I hope the next two weeks will be a little more relaxing for everyone since the reports are almost finished. Good luck to you all who are still working on them!!!

I like that we were required to have a draft done for Monday. It really takes a load off the end of the semester by having my report written with almost 2 weeks until it is due. All that is left is the front matter and any back matter. I do not think that these parts will be difficult to do since they are based on what has already been written.
The peer review of the draft was helpful. I do not always see my mistakes in my writing. I think that it would be a good idea to have another peer review of a full copy of the report.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Monday's peer-review session was really helpful. Reading over my own recommendation report countless times (looking for errors, or places for improvement) made it become a bit of a blurb. Papers, especially of this size, are often difficult to proofread if they are your own (which is where the benefits of peer-reviews come in). Due to the peer-review, I am focusing on a number of aspects in my paper that need more attention, most of which I could not have pin-pointed myself. How do the rest of you feel the peer-reviews went on Monday?

Monday, April 26, 2004
Well how are all of the reports coming out. This has been a difficult one. I have written many reports before but this one has been a real handful. This weather today is rediculous, hopefully later this week we will see some real summer weather. It is of course minnesota it can snow in the summer and thunderstorm in the winter.

hello all-
I've forgotten to post my blog for several weeks. How's the report going. Today we had our final draft workshop. I thought it was productive, i got an idea on how to format my paper so that it is clear. From now until next week is going to be crazy because everything is coming to an end. I have yet to do my presentation.

Sunday, April 25, 2004
Well, I thought I'd take a break from plugging away at my report to post my blog for the week. How is everyone coming on their paper? I hope tomorrow we get enough time in class for reading through our reports. I know I would like a bunch of feedback on my paper to make it better. I always seem to put things together in my mind so they make sense, but when it comes to putting it on paper, it never flows the way I think it will. Anyone else feeling this way? Well, I best be getting back to the remainder of my report. Good luck to everyone who is still working on their paper

Wow, research reports can be sucky to write. I have so much information, and have looked at it for so long that I don't even remember what is common knowledge and what I need to cite. I am going to be working on this for a while, but its better to get it done now and not have to worry about changing massive amounts of it for the final paper, because I definitely do not have time for that!! I am glad that I'm learning more about my topic, but its kind of an overload right now...I will be able to discuss it with the best of them by the time I turn my final draft in...I guess thats part of the point...OK back to typing!!

So I hope everyones weekend was good and that you were all able to finish up the rough drafts due tomorrow. I am still working on mine. It has been kind of difficult trying to pull all of my information together while trying to add my own thoughts and ideas. I haven't ever had to write a paper like this before so it has been somewhat stressful. I am going to make this short so I can finish up my rough draft. Have a good night!

So how are everyone's recommendation reports coming along? It's Sunday night, and I just finished mine not too long ago. I hope everyone's went well. I know I had a lot of writing to cram into 2 days, but I got it done.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am worried about getting this draft done for tomorrow. I have way more information than I need, but I think that is the problem. I don't know what to include and what to leave out. I think I am going to be for a while in order to try and finish this. I am just so glad that it is only the rough draft because that leaves time to improve on the draft. I just want to have as much done as I can so I don't have to change a whole lot for the final report. I hope that this report is going well for everyone else.

Now that I'm actually well into the writing process for the recommendation report, it's going a lot more smoothy than I thought it would. Ten to twelve pages seemed like a lot but it doesn't take long at all to get that many pages. I just hope that I can have a completed rough draft done by tomorrow morning so I can get the most benefit out of the peer review.

Hey guys, well, I just got home from work, and am starting to write this whole deal now...I literally have not had a day off since Easter, and my next day off is the first of May! Its starting to stress me out!! To tell you guys the truth, this assignment is not even stressing me out that bad. Its my Family Psych. paper that is giving me the headache. Its a ten pager that needs to be finished by next Tuesday...(I personally asked, and had it extended, cause it was due this Thursday) but I'm not even done with my thesis! Maybe you guys could give me a bit of help. It had to be a problem statement, and I am going write about adolescent delinquency. Now I have to make it sound like I'm trying to prove a point here...Anyone have any ideas? I'm getting really desperate! Anyways, I'll get back to doing this paper, and sorry, I don't have any jokes today :(

Is anyone else totally stressed out this week? This recommendation report deadline (Monday) is freaking me out. Also I have to give my presentation this week. On top of that I have three other major papers due this week. I have yet to see the light of day this weekend. Oh well, at least I won't be waiting until the night before the recommendation report is due to begin writing it. Good luck to everyone on getting the draft done by tomorrow.

Friday, April 23, 2004
My weekend will be spent trying to wrap up with the recommendation report. I can't believe that we only have two weeks left! I'm glad that it is just the rough draft that is due on Monday, because I still want some more time to finalize my paper. I'm enjoying the oral presentations. They make for a nice, relaxing ending to the class, since we are doing so much preperation and work on our presentation and report at home. Good luck to everyone with completing the rough draft!

Geat job to today's presenters. you were all very well orgainized and knew your stuff. I just hope i am as confident as you all are with my information. This weekend i will be scrambling to try to get the report done with by monday morning. someone in their writings mention a sprint to the finish, i feel the same way. I can't wait for May 12th right now!!

It seems like alot of people are having a hard time with their recommendation reports. I can sympathize with you. I've been pouring over my report fort he last two days and am wondering how detained I really should be. I have about 6 pages finished now, so hopefully I can get another 4-5 pages cranked out by this weekend. As far the presentation is concerned, I have so much information I want to share, I hope I can get all of it in in 7 minutes. The presenters on Wednesday's lecture did a terrific job! Well, anyway, good luck to all of you who are still working on your projects and presentations. I'm sure you'll do fine!

It seems like alot of people are having a hard time with their recommendation reports. I can sympathize with you. I've been pouring over my report fort he last two days and am wondering how detained I really should be. I have about 6 pages finished now, so hopefully I can get another 4-5 pages cranked out by this weekend. As far the presentation is concerned, I have so much information I want to share, I hope I can get all of it in in 7 minutes. The presenters on Wednesday's lecture did a terrific job! Well, anyway, good luck to all of you who are still working on your projects and presentations. I'm sure you'll do fine!

I've been having trouble narrowing down my decision for criteria. Since i've started this project the focus of my topic and therefore criteria for decision making has shifted several times. I am confident with my solutions to my problem but i'm having trouble relating them back to the different criteria. How detailed to we have to be? Feedback would be much appreciated.

Thursday, April 22, 2004
Good job to our two presenters on Wednesday! Especially on getting 10-12 pages worth of info into 5-7 minutes - I have no idea how I'm going to do that. There's just going to have to be some gaps in the story I guess. I think I would rather give a 30 minutes presentation so I could make it more complete, although I wouldn't want to spend time writing or practicing such a long talk. It's also more of a challenge to condense all the info into a short talk and have it still make sense. Anyway, I apologize in advance if I talk super fast during my presentation cuz I could only get it down to 10 minutes! (I'd probably talk fast from nerves anyway) Good luck to Friday's presenters!!

There is definitely an advantage to having already completed and presented the oral presentation. Because the oral presentation does not make up much of our grades, its nice to be able to focus solely on the recommendation report. If the rest of you are in my position, you'll be scrambling to complete a full draft of the recommendation report on Sunday. A week or two ago, when we peer-reviewed our introductions, I felt like I was well on my way to finishing my recommendation report, and hat I might even finish the remainder of the report early. But with every other report and assignment that seems to be due in the same week, my report has been put on the side burner. It always feels like a sprint to complete all of the assignments due at the end of a semester.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004
So presentations start today, I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty exciting. Well mostly just to get it over and done with. I think it's crazy that we suppose to have a pretty complete ruff draft due Monday, espcially when I have maybe 2-3 pages right now which mostly just consists of my intro. I can tell you I will be in the Library all weekend researching and working on this project. Just been such a crazy week with so many tests and other projects due in other classes. Wow I can't wait for it all to be over and done with. How many weeks we got left???

These last few weeks feel like they just flew by. I am excited to finish the semester but I also feel like I would like to have some of that time back. I am having a hard time getting my head around the idea that our full draft for the recomendation report is due Monday. Thankfully we were required to create the introduction and decide on our visuals already. I usually find that these are the most difficult part of reports. It is nice to have them done so I only need to focus on the body sections and conclusion.

Monday, April 19, 2004
OK, is anyone else having problems remembering to post their blogs???? It is Monday morning, and I am just now doing last week's (that should have been posted by last night).....oops.
I have done all the blogs, but some have been a little late. I hope this doesn't affect my grade too much.

Sunday, April 18, 2004
I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but I think that having the conferences with Laurie was a really good idea. I feel a lot better about my report now after talking to her. I think that she helped me a lot in trying to figure some things out. I feel like I understand a little bit more of what she is looking for and she gave me some really good ideas to help me in writing my report. I have actually gotten a lot of research done this weekend even with the nice weather. I feel pretty well prepared to start working more on this paper. I hope that everyone else's reports are coming along as well.

Whew! This past week flew by! How were people’s individual meetings to talk about their reports?? I felt that I didn’t have a whole lot to talk about because I’m behind, but know what my plan is and just need to do it. I give my oral presentation on Friday, and want to do a power point presentation, but don’t know if I’m going to have time to make one… Can you believe that in 7 days we are supposed to have a first draft of our paper?! This will be an interesting last couple weeks to the semester, and if I can actually make it until finals week, it will be a miracle and a serious test of my ability to cope with stress!!

Hey guys,
Knock knock...
Who's there Steve?
Broken pencil...
Broken pencil who?
Never mind, it doesn't have a point!!!!

Oh my gosh that is so funny, that joke was the highlight of my weekend!

Whats up guys! Well, how are everyones speeches going? My speech is on Wednesday, and well, lets just say, I'm a little less than enthused...Even though I am really interested in what I am doing, I am trying to make sure I can make my speech "that interesting" for everyone else. But I get sidetracked when I realize that I have about 4 other papers that I need to write too. I want to put a lot of effort into each, but sometimes that just gets hard. But anyways, I am going to get back to writing my Parent-Child Relations paper. You all have a good night and stay inside, its a bit stormy outside. Also, have any of you guys ever noticed that these bloggers are almost like ways that everyone gets to vent to eachother about all of the problems and frusterations that they are having this semester. Its almost like a mini-support group...!

We do need an exectutive summary for our recommendation report, right? Has anyone started theirs? I am still not sure about the difference between the executive summary and the abstract. I know the basic difference that an executive summary is written to help aid executive-type people in recommendations, but I have a feeling it will be hard to differentiate from the abstract. If anyone has any tips on how to write these again, especially how to make sure they are different enough to match the criteria, it would be greatly apprectiated. Thanks

Visuals due monday? Wait one... That is tomorrow! Hmmm... TIme to send some emails to see if I can get a few pictures and maybe some video. If not I'll have to get them right before class tomorrow. Last minute preparation it is. I'll cross my fingers for everyone else and myself while I am at it. Good luck everyone!

I'm spending the evening trying to wrap up the preparation of my visuals for class tomorrow. I know that the end of the semester is going to be here before I know it. This project has been a little stressful and frustrating at times, but one thing that has helped is having the workshops for individual parts of the project, because that forces me to have things done to a certain point. Otherwise, I might have left everything for the last two days before it was due.

Is anyone else horrible at creating visuals? The only visuals I know how to create are line and bar graphs from microsoft excel, but they look totally boring. Are we allowed to use tables and graphs from other sources as long as we give credit to where we found it, or do we have to create our own visuals from scratch? Also has anyone looked at the syllabus?According to the revised schedule we are supposed to have a completed draft of our report done by next monday.

I think that as of right now I am kind of in the same place as almost everyone else as far as the recommendation report is concerned. I am frustrated with many pieces of this assignment and I feel like I am somewhat overwhelmed with all that I have left to do. I want to say that if we had been given the assignment earlier in the semester it would have been easier, but I know that that isn't the case becasue I am such a procrastinator I would have left everything until now anyway. I hope that everyones reports are progressing well. I am also somewhat nervous for our oral presentation we have to give. I present this week and I am not sure that the information I will be including in my speech is what Professor Johnson is looking for. I just feel like I have so much to do before I can give a really good speech. Oh well, hopefully it will go ok and everything will start to come together soon. Good luck to everyone else!

Well I can't believe that the visuals are due this monday. I know which ones I want to use but I am not sure that I can have them done by then. I have such a busy week and weekend so I might have to bring in what I have and hope that its ok. I hope all is going much better for most of you for this report. Have a good week.

Friday, April 16, 2004
Is any one ready for their oral presentation yet? I am glad i am not the first one to go so i can atleast watch what a couple of other people are doing. i wish we knew how we did on our other assignments. i just wish i knew what i needed to improve on for this writing assignment compared to earlier ones.

This recommendation report is soooooo much work. I feel like I'm staying on top of it pretty well but I'm spending so much time on it. I started writing a first draft yesterday and spent over three hours and didn't get half way done - I had to break to clarify stuff on-line and to work on my references but still. Then when I get the 10 - 12 pages written, there's still the abstract, executive summary, table of contents, inserting pictures, the oral. I honestly think this is a good assignment but it's enough work for an entire semester, not just a third of one. I keep thinking if I keep working really hard, I'll get done so I can relax a little before school gets out but it doesn't look so good. Good luck to you all!

Thursday, April 15, 2004
I can kind of tell everyone is a little worried about how his or her recommendation reports are going. I totally understand the frustration. I’m there with you all. But I can tell you one thing, if you have not seen Laurie yet during her conference times, you need to. She was a great help for me. It just helped to know if I was on the right track or not and just gave me some guidelines to what I needed to do.
As far as my visuals are concerned, I still am wondering how I’m going to do them. I know what I want to do, but I’m having difficulties trying to construct them. I hope this part of the project is going well for everyone!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Somewhat surprisingly, the recommendation reports seem to be coming along. When we were all handed a sheet that illustrated the requirements of recommendation report I'm sure that the majority of us had to do a double glance. It's assignments the size of this report that can be really intimidating to students. But I feel that it real helps to have bits and pieces of it due on different dates, at different intervals of time. --It helps all of each build up to the entire report much more easily; and it seems like much less of a task.
I also feel that the peer-reviews went well. Although it is funny how many contradictions you can receive in your feedback.

It's nice to be able to get the extra time for this assignment, however I have so much to do in the rest of my classes as well. How are the rest of you doing with this assignment? do you feel like you have a good grasp on it? I felt overwhelmed at first, but after meeting with Laurie I think things are much better. It helps to get feedback from her. Also, ask her as many questions as possible- it will benefit you. After all, she's going to be grading our papers and we all want to get a good grade! Have a great weekend.

I like the work days that we are getting this week. It was really helpful to have the extra time on Monday to work on my introduction and progress report. As it gets closer to the end of the semester I am having more projects come due. I am sure a lot of other people in class are in a similar situation.
It would have been nicer to have an in class work day in the computer lab. Then more people could have gotten things done like extra research. I got the impression that some people forgot we were having a work day and did not bring anything to work on.

After meeting with Laurie and completing our peer reviews I have a better feel for the direction of my paper. It was nice to get a different perspecive from classmates. It helps because in most cases the person reviewing your work has no previous knowledge regarding te topic. Their opinion provides a valuable outside interpretation of what your writting is trying to accomplish. Also, as a reviewer you gain valuable insights into how others are structuring their papers or conducting their research. I wish we had more time for peer reviews i feel they are very valuable.

I am very curious to know my grade in this class as of right now. I dont kow how I am doing. I am pretty sure that I am doing good and but I wish if we could get a feedback on grade and how we are doing in class and for some people if they are not doing good can have a chance to improve.

How is everyone's presentation preperation coming along? I am going to do a power point presentation and was wondering also how other people are going to present their material? I think it is actually going to be another way to help us reach our final recommendation report to help us kind of come back from the areas we were working in separately and gather everything together. I think our progress report is doing that aswell. I hope everyone is not to stressed out about this assignment and coming along well!

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Anyone else feeling overwhelmed with assignments and a bunch of tests around the coarner? Well, I think that this is a given. I am a bit behind with the upcoming assignments in this class. It seems that all of my professors are throwing in one extra test and paper before the final, not to forget presentationss. I should begin to focus more on my presentation. I have most of the information that I want. However it is all a matter or presenting it in a way that is not too much information and findings that needs to be a bit more organizes. Wow, I'm a bit scared.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Does this class have a course web site? I was thinking how extremly helpful it would be if we did, or if there was somewhere on blogger that we could post the due dates of each of the parts of the recommendation report. It seems like report is really getting into full gear with so much due this week, and then Oral Presenatations starting next week. It's pretty confusing trying to keep track of all the individual parts and when they are actually due and such.

Monday, April 12, 2004
Wow, I think that professors get together and have everything due in the same week, just to see if we can handle it!! That said, I am having a difficult time finding concrete research on my final topic. I have not looked in the library as much as I will have to in order to complete my paper, but for now it doesn’t look too rosy. Is anyone else doing interviews for some of their sources?? I think that they will be a big part of my paper just because they will be more credible than the shaky Internet sites I am finding.

Sunday, April 11, 2004
Happy Easter everyone (or what is left of it)! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and was able to make it home to spend time with their families! I was just wondering how far people had gotten on the research project. I have a bunch of resources and a general opinion on what I want to do, but have not written many notes yet. I just do not seem to have the extra time to sit down and spend the day researching. Being Easter weekend did not help me get much done this weekend either. I was just curious as to where others stand. I do not know if I am really far behind or if this is the concensus. I guess I am just trying to get one project done at a time. I was a little disappointed we did not get through the outlines on Friday because if I had something that did not fit into my paper, I could save time by not researching that information. I really hope we get a chance to view the outline because I know I would like feedback/direction BEFORE finding the information I need and typing the paper

Does anyone have any tips on putting graphics in our reports? I know very little about using graphics on papers, and I have absolutley no idea what I am going to use.

Writing a recommendation report is definately a time consuming process. I have learned a considerable amount about my topic and have found more interest as a consequence. I have referred back to my proposal a few times to keep a focus on the necessary work and to avoid getting off the topic. The progress report has been a good way to identify the status of the report not only for professor Johnson, but also for myself. Hope you all had a great weekend!

I am getting kind of nervous as we near the end of the semester because our oral presentations will be starting soon and before we know it our reports will b due. I feel like it will go by really fast so I will finally have to stop putting things off and get this paper started soon. I don't know if anyone else is in the same place, but I am a little nervous about this report.

Each class I feel more and more comfortable with my recomendation report. I feel that it is a lot of work, especially with all of the extra's that we have along the way. (ie: introduction and progress reports). I know in the end it will help us to complete our paper, but it is hard to know exactly where my paper is going at this point in time without having written the entire report. But with the more reseach that I do, I feel that I am slowly getting on track for this report.

Hey everyone. I just want to start out by saying happy easter! Is anyone else extremely happy that we don't have to have our introductions to our recommendation report until Wednesday? I was a little unsure about what exactly was supposed to be in the introduction. I think the handout we got on Friday with the example of a good recommendation report will be helpful. I always like to have examples of writing assignments, that way I know what the teacher is looking for.

I think this probably puts me in the minority, but I am actually looking forward to doing my oral presentation. Public speaking definitely makes me nervous, but as I am getting closer to finishing college, I am starting to realize the importance of practicing my presenting skills now. I currently work for Wells Fargo and give an oral presentation probably twice a week, and I know that my career in the future is undoubtedly going to require public speaking. I have quite a bit of background on my subject for the class presentation, so that is helping me to relax about the presentation as well.

This paper is definately a challenge. I think it was a very good and important idea for us to do this presentation. It really gets us in the mood for our paper, I believe that with out our presentation we might be stuck researching and writing our paper the last week it is due, but now we have a presentation also about our project which helps keep us more on task. good luck to everyone.

Hey guys anyone can help me and give me hints or clue about this coming paper. I am absolutely confused about how to do this paper not only I am confused but I am also directionless. THough I know many of you having the same problem yet I need help about this paper. thank you

I am very pleased we have recieved extra time to work on our projects that are due this week, I know everyone has been very busy. Just beginning to work on my intro now, but that is pretty boring. I have just found out that a class required for my graduation that is only offered during fall semester has one seat left open in it... To say the least I am unhappy. I do not want to be stuck here for another semester becuase the U offers only 40 slots for a class that is required for graduation in at least my major. My fingers will be crossed through all of monday. On to more productive work.

Saturday, April 10, 2004
How is everyone coming along with your projects. How far are people? I am currently about to begin my introduction work, although we now have time on Monday to work on it/finish it up, which is extremely nice! I am so bummed this school doesn't give us any time off for Easter. I am so bummed I can't go home this weekend because it's Easter and I want to see my family. I could have gone home, except I have class on Monday. Anyway, now I can stay here and write bloggers all day! Well I don't know about all day but whatever. How have people come up with research? I'm curious to know. Has anyone done interviews or anything like that? I am going to use a couple books, articles from online, and interviews. The interviews are only from my parents at this point, but they are the ones I need crucial information from since my report is dealing directly with our company. Happy Easter everyone!!!!!

Friday, April 09, 2004
Hey guys,

I hope that your reports are moving along a little better than mine is. It is going pretty slow so far but I'm hoping that it will pick up soon. About the oral reports, are they supposed to be about what our report was on, or the process that we did them in, or both? Have a great Easter weekend.


Hi guys,
How are your reports going? Mine is coming along kind of slow but I have just been doing a lot of researching so far. Hopefully once I start writing it will start to move along. I'm still a little confused on the oral reports. Are we supposed to talk about what are reports are about, or how we did them, or both? Have a great Easter weekend!


I'm going to follow the trend and write about the guest speaker we had in class on Wednesday. Sorry if this is repettivie and boring. I've seen other presentations regarding resumes and i found her presentation to be very helpful. I especially liked how she talked about adding personal touches to your resume to make it yours. another area she focused on that i hadn't given much thought to was the audience analysis. After her presentation i have realized that I can't use the same resumes for every job i apply to. Focusing on who my audience is will help to set my resume apart from the rest as well as adding a necessary personal touch.

I am really glad that we had the guest speaker on Wednesday. I already had a resume started, but after the presentation I went home and completely changed it. I basically had the Works template resume...I took the advice that I should make it different and to set it apart from everyone else's. Also, I liked the advice that we should do whatever we feel is appropriate for the audience that will be looking at our resumes. This fit in nicely with what we are talking about in class with analyzing your audience.

Thursday, April 08, 2004
I am working on my recommendation report in sections. i am starting on the problem statement and going from there. for some reason i was just blanking on how to write a good introduction. i figure if i write it in sections and then put everything together. I will have to make slight changes to make it flow better it will keep me from refering back to other sections or leaving out important information. Since we are are suppose to write our papers so an individual can pull certain parts to read. I hope this will work for me. How is everyone else going???

I have to admit, the oral presentation during Wednesday's class was more interesting and helpful than I had expected. Prior to the presentation, I had little knowledge of the steps toward creating an effective resume. It was worth listening to because of the different features she discussed. I had never thought to include a GPA (especially a major GPA), or the importance of action verbs. Had I not been exposed to this presentation, I'm sure that I would have searched for a resume template, which is exactly what she recommended not doing. Now I know that there is more room for creativity and personality in resumes.

Although I am not happy about having to do an oral presentation, I think preparing for it actually helps with the recommendation report. It forced me to get all of my research done so that I could get started on a plan for my oral report. I also plan on using some of the visuals from my oral report in my recommendation report. I Just hope that the oral report won't take that much time to put together so I can still have a lot of time to concentrate on my recommendation report!

Don't you hate it when you come on blogger and don't have the slightest idea of what to write? And you don't just want to complain about the recommendation report because that's what everyone else is doing and you're just so sick of the topic? Yeah, that's me today. So let's see . . . I guess I thought the resume lecture on Wednesday was interesting. I don't remember having a formal presentation on resume writing in the past and it was helpful to see the wide variety of information that can go on a resume - like GPA and Scholarships and Awards - not just education and work experience. So that's all I got - sorry it's not much to respond to. See Ya!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Looks like a lot of people already beet me to it, but I also felt the guest speaker on Resumes was very helpful. I've had a resume for a long time and have pretty much used the same thing for every job I have applied to. I've never had a problem with, but I realized that using the style sheets in word are pretty lame and dumb to use. I think I have a really good grasp on what my new resume will look like once I redo it. Some things I will add are Education and I believe I will have more room for other jobs and activities. Plus I would like to add that it was a nice break from the reports we have been working on.

I had never actually writen a resume before and I was surprised at how short it actually is. The jobs I have applied for in the past all required a form to be filled out. This form was usually four or more pages long. It seems that resumes are quite different from job application forms. The application form asks for references and a lot of other personal information that you do not put into your resume. I am curious as to why one job would require a resume while another would require an application form. Is an application form actually too specific to have someone fill out if they are interested in a job but not being hired?

Tuesday, April 06, 2004
What I am working on now is finding two visual aids for both my presentation and my recommendation report. I want to find some visuals that will really help me explain my topic, rather than to just fill up space. I think I have decided to use graphs because they are informative and can explain a lot that may be difficult to with words. Since my topic is adoption, I was thinking that maybe finding a map or graph that explains some aspect of my criteria for adoptive parents of Minnesota. I would like to avoid using just pictures, but I am afraid that may be what I have to resort to if I cannot find a graph or map.

I just want to say how helpful the outline for the presentation was to me. It helped me to understand better how I want to organize my recommendation report. I probably will though change a few things, but over all it really gave me an idea on how I should construct the project.
I am though still having difficulties trying to figure out what kind of visuals I should use for the recommendation report. I am trying to decide if I should use a comparative table or something similar to that. I’m sure I’ll figure it out sooner or later. Well, I hope you all have a good week.

Monday, April 05, 2004
As I am trying to write my outline for the oral presentation, I am having the worst time finding visuals. I can find crappy, boring figures that show one set of numbers that are kind of helpful and worthwhile, but decent visuals are completely eluding me. It is becoming frustrating! I am also having a tough time staying motivated to do these projects that are supposed to help us along and make the final paper easier…it could just be the end of the year rush and I have to dig in and bear it, but I’m really being a procrastinating maniac right now.

Sunday, April 04, 2004
As I was attempting to write my outline, I am finding that I have a little less than desired to talk about. My goal is to find some more interesting finds, but it is hard with both my full homework schedule and the trouble of finding what I need at the library. I know it is just the preliminary outline, so I hope that I get some good feedback tomorrow.

Well, the women's b-ball team played a good game tonight. Hats off to them. But the guys b-ball games on Saturday and Sunday were awesome! I was hoping that Oklahoma State and Duke would win. But oh well, Georgia Tech is whoop some...that's right, you know where I was going with that one! And the Twins opener is tomorrow! Are any of you guys going to go? That should be a good one. So, how are you guys doing on your final paper and speech? Well, I've got my topic...and right now I'm trying to check out some visuals for tomorrow. (Its kind of hard to find cool-looking hybrid cars...) But anyways, I'm going to get back to looking for visuals, so I hope you guys had a good weekend!

So I am just sitting down now to finish writing my outline and so far I am not satisfied with what I have written at this point. For some reason this recommendation report has been very difficult for me to put together. The main reason for this is probably because I haven't had any time to devote to it. I have so much going on with other classes and work that I have devoted minimal time so far. I am getting a little overwhelmed with everything and am becoming somewhat stressed that I won't be able to put together a good speech and have my paper done on time and to my satisfaction. Hopefully everyone else isn't having as much difficulty.

I was just curious how far people are on their report? I have not gotten as far as I anticipated, but I had to decide between a couple of topics and now I am ready to do more research. Has anyone else had problems with a topic in which the outcome and supporting points seem more opinion than factual? I have had more of this, so I am switching to a topic that has some studies and research to back up the two options for a more accurate portrayal of the problem I am going to depict. Otherwise, I would feel like the recommendation report would be more like an opinion paper. If anyone else has this problem, I just want you to know that you are not alone


So is everyone still remembering to do this blogger every week? With so much going on, and with the semester coming to an end, I think it's hard to keep everything straight. How are all of you doing on your outline that is due for tomorrow? I've done so much research this weekend, that I've having a hard time figuring out what to put into my outline and final presentation. This sure is taking up quite a bit of time. hopefully all of you have things under control.


I'm still reallly nervous about how my report will turn out. I'm starting to find certain evidence that could reduce the credibility of my recommendations. By addressing the issues in my report, I hope to maintain the usability of the document. At this point I have put enough work into this topic that I don't want to give up. I'm glad that this is a practice report and not of real significance to my career! I hope you all had a good weekend.

I am struggling a little with my outline for my speech. I haven't really done a whole lot of research yet and I don't know if I really like my topic any more. I hate doing outlines. I think that it is good that Laurie is making it so that we won't all wait until the last minute to do our presentations, but I don't think that I have enough information yet to write a thorough outline. I am not looking forward to giving this presentation either because I hate giving speeches. Hopefully it won't be too bad. I also think that some people are going to hav a hard time getting all of there research done by the time they present, since some people present next week already. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

I am still a little uncertain about what visuals I will be using in my oral report. I'm leaning towards using overheads but I don't want to bore everybody to death! Also, seven minutes seems like kind of a long time to talk and still have the presentation be interesting. But I don't give my presentation until the end of the semester so at least i'll be able to watch other people and learn from them.

Now that I have received some clarification regarding the assignments for the rest of the semester, I am feeling more confident about things. I haven't had too much time to work on the recommendation report because I moved this weekend, but I should be able to regain my focus this week. So far I have done a lot of research on the internet, researching graduate schools for journalism. I was very lucky with my move because it was such a beautiful weekend, and I somehow got away with not working Saturday of Sunday which is usually unheard of for me. Hopefully everyone else had a great weekend as well!

Outline is due for the oral report tomorrow. Mine, for one, will be incredibly tentative, because I am not giving my oral report until the last week of the semester. Why, you ask? I am not giving it until the very end so that I can have virtually all my data lined up for the presentation. I won't have to talk about what I think I will find or what I plan to do, instead I will be able to discuss what I actually did find and what I actually did. However, the major disadvantage to this is that I don't know how I will fit a complete presentation into a mere seven minutes. I suppose I will talk quickly and have to stinge a little on the background info, or just not go over the entirety of the report. I have plenty of time to decide.

Wow I am so delight and glad that we had chance to read this chapter #17 I will absolutely encourage anyone of my classmates who have not get chance to read yet. It is very sweat chapter, it is very relavant chapter and it is very smooth and readable. Therefore, if you don't read #17 you missing great education and huge experience that critically need and thirst for it. Thank you best regards

I feel it is difficult enough to work on the recommendation reports and other school work without being required to post on this blog. I don't know about anyone else but I am not the type of person to journal or post messages so this is a difficult assignment for me. I see a lot of classmates are having difficulties with the various components of the recommendation report so I am glad I am not alone.

I am so bothered by what Audrey Seiler did this past week. It is so sad to think that someone would fake their own abduction when there are people out there who have actually been abducted and have not been found. I wonder what impact this case will have on other abductions. Are people going to be hesitant to help search for someone because they are wondering if it is real or not? I just want to know the real reason why she did this, but I know we will probably never find that out. Also, are they going to press charges? It will be interesting to see how this case develops.

Saturday, April 03, 2004
Trying to come up with an outline for the oral presentation is difficult, especially when my paper is not put together. Although my paper is not put together and I have not figured out the organization of my outline, I think coming up with a visual will be much easier. The recommendation I believe will be easy but writing the body will be much harder to write.

Hey y'all!!
I hope you are all doing well with your oral presentaion outlines. I think I am going to be changing my topic a little. I am not sure if it is a good idea this late in the game, but to be honest I have not done much for research yet. I am hoping that there are some of you out there in the same boat as I am with very little or no research done. I seam to have a hard time getting a head start on things like papers and end up usually leaving them to the last minute. Well I hope all is going well with you and your recommendation reports, and if you are like me you will be watching the Gopher Womens Basketball game instead of doing your research. Have a good weekend.

Finding visuals for my recommendation report is harder than I thought it would be. I think once I start writing my report I will be able to find visuals that are useful to my paper. Right now I feel like I am just looking for some type of graph or picture to throw into my outline for Monday. Does anyone else dread and hate giving oral presentations? I know I do. I get really nervous and talk really fast, so my presentation will probably end up being 2 minutes instead of 7.

Friday, April 02, 2004
I am having a very difficult time trying to write my outline for Monday as well as the recommendation report. It seems as though my topic is broader than I expected. I also am having troubles trying to figure out how I should organize my information. But, I’m sure something will come to me eventually.
I saw many people on the Blog that are having as difficult as a time trying to find or create visuals as I am. I don’t know if a table would work best or if I should just listed my main points. I definitely think I’ll do overheads. They seem much easier for me to put together. Anyways, I hope all of you have a good weekend with your outlines and visuals.

Thursday, April 01, 2004
I would like to do some informal interviews for my project on remodeling Willey Hall on the west bank but I'm wondering how to document them. I'm nervous about doing interviews after Laurie warned us about needing a bunch of approval before conducting interviews on campus. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Can you just throw facts from random people into your report? Also, does anyone have any strong opinions on Willey Hall that you think I should include in my report? (Does that question need approval?) Thanks for any responses!

Is anyone else having a rough time concentrating on their work with the nice spring weather outside. Last wednesday when it hit 66 degrees i had a night class i had to go to and roughest thing was walking by all of the houses with everyone grilling and just hanging out. The last thing i wanted to do was go sit in a three hour class.
I guess we can just think we only have 5 more weeks of this. So the moral is if we can just push through this month we are almost done

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